Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Former Unicom CTO: DSL is a wrong direction for China

8/28/2007, Mr. Liu, yunjie, former CTO , now the technology consultant of China Unicom, said in a forum in Beijing several days ago :"China service providers choose DSL, other than FTTH, maybe that was not a good choice. FTTH can provide much higher bandwidht than DSL, China should learn from Japan more. "
we should not expect much form liu's words. Because he has retired, he is not responsible for the network plan of China Unicom. What he said just reflects his thinking.
Although we can not expect much from his word, but considering his role in Chinese telecom industry, Liu's words still is very helpful to the development of FTTH in China. More people will understand the importance of FTTH from him.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

China Telecom purchases EPON equipments for country application

8/24/2007, From local media, China Telecom has just finished their first EPON equipments purchase in scale. In 3 years, these equipments will be deplyed in some provinces of China. China Telecom is also considering to use EPON equipments to provide broadband services in country area.
Before this purchase, China Telecom has made several test on EPON technology. Many EPON equipments suppliers provided their equipments to China Telecom for the test. China Telecom has also build several trial network in Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing area.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

ETD Amphenol

8/20/2007, ETD, a Shenzhen fiber connector company founded in 1994, joined the Amphenol group on Dec.18, 2006 to be a branch company of Amphenol, which named ETD Amphenol Fiber Optic Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.

I knew both the companies for a long time. Both companies always denied my interview, and they don't like to contact by medias. They have their own business, now they joined together.

ETD has a strong Taiwan background, its female boss, Ms. Li, xiuying is one of the CEOs I never meet in fiber optics industry in China. Will she be again the boss of the new company?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How much China Unicom worths?

8/15/2007, The most recent UBS report said China Unicom wanted to sell their CDMA network to China Telecom on the price of 14.6billion RMB. The price is higher than the 8 to 8.5billion USD UBS estimated before. UBS said the price had been the main obstacle behind the deal.

But according to another local securities analyst, China Unicom worths at least 100billion RMB, that is more than 12billion RMB. In the past years, Unicom has invested nearly 100billion RMB for their CDMA network. Considering 40million CDMA subscribers, the 14.6billion USD price isn't very high.

UBS always is the most active supporter on selling Unicom's CDMA network, although Unicom has denied several times. This time again, Unicom denied they would sell their CDMA network. I believe UBS must have their insider in Unicom, so they can again and again tell the public Unicom will sell CDMA network. But the reorganization of the carriers in China is more political than a financial analyst can predict. For what reason China Unicom must sell their CDMA network, I don't know.

Except UBS, not everyone believes there must be a reorganization ahead this year.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What will Netcom's Olympic service like?

8/7/2007, China Netcom today opens their showroom for 2008 Olympic games. In this showroom, China Netcom want to demonstrate their services during the games to public.

1) Netcom will use uncompressed technology to transmit HDTV signal in long distance.
2) Netcom will cooperate with Beijing transit bureau to provide electronic path finding system for foreigners.
3) Netcom will provide IPTV service with 72 hours replay function to all important hotels
4) Netcom will also provide Internet meeting system 
5) Netcom will provide Internet service based on smart card
6) Netcom will also provide online English training courses
7) Netcom will provide traffic monitoring system for Organzier