Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wang Jianzhou learns from Murdoch

6/30/2007, What is China Mobile's next step? Maybe we should look at Murdoch first. Two weeks ago, in a speech to students from public administration school of Tsinghua University, Wang, jiangzhou, CEO of China Mobile said they needed real Internet fans. Local Media wrote :"Wang's talk shows the strong and long interest on Internet world of China Mobile".
According to Wang's talk, if they enter Internet market, what they real need is not money, but human resources. Today's statd-hold enterprises like China Mobile cannot attract high spirited employees. But he didnot cleared in which way China Mobile will enter internet market.
But What drived China mobile to Internet world. Wang said it is Murdoch. When Wang talked with Murdoch on purchasing stock of Phonetix TV, Wang found Murdoch always brought the two young founders of Myspace with him. Murdoch's interest on internet made Wang thought :"Internet will be a determining power in the future."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

China Guangdian blue book 2007

6/20/2007, SARFT, the regulation maker and the real manager of broadcasting and Cable TV industry (Guangdian) in mainland China, today published a blue book about its development in year 2007.
According to this blue book, in the last year, the total revenue of Guangdian has broken 100billion RMB milestone, the real number is 109.912 billion, a 18.04% increase compared to year 2005.
At the same time, the total subscribers of digital Cable TV has reached 12.6625 million, a 218.88% increase compared with year 2005. There are already 25 cities who have finished the total transformation from analog to digital TV.
In last year, SARFT also published its terrestrial digital TV national standard which will launch this August.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Why Wu ying leaves UT?

6/5/2007, Wuying, former founder of UTStarcom, also once the CEO of UTStarcom China, once nominated as UTStarcom global CEO, left UT last Friday. Also, He left UT not volunteeringly, he said he was forced to left.

In UT's news release, we can read there is disagreement between Wuing and other leaders, but the news release didn't make it clear.

According to a Chinese media report, Wuying insisted to let his UTStarcom China be an independent company, because in recent years, UT's total business became depending on Chinese business. But UTStarcom's board of directors won't accept such a suggestion. Just because this, they have to let Wu leave.

Is that a good reason? In some kind of way, Wu ying is the represent of UTStarcom in China. People like him, customers like him.

UTStarcom's stock price jump down 10% today, that shows investors also don't agree his leaving.