Thursday, April 17, 2008

China Mobile builds wireless community in Shanghai

4/18/2008, Information committee of Shanghai city government, China Mobile Shanghai branch, yesterday signed a cooperation contract to promote wireless community in Shanghai.
Shanghai Mobile says they will build 5-10 wireless community this year, Pudong district and Changning district will lead the way. Shanghai mobile introduces the future wireless community service will not be free.
According to Shanghai mobile, they can use GSM, GPRS, TD-SCDMA wireless broadbrand technology for this purpose. They have one of the biggest wireless network around the world, full experience, technology advantage.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ZTE :Wimax will become new backbone of revenue

4/15/2008, According to Mr. Yuan,wei, WiMax global director of ZTE, he thinks that the revenue from WiMax can be compared with the revenue from CDMA in ZTE in 3 years. Last year, ZTE’s revenue from CDMA is over 10 billion RMB.
Yuan points out the WiMAX terminal will be in commercial application next year, then WiMAX will get 20% market share of total wireless market.
Last year, ZTE has already signed a bill with Sprint Nextel on WiMAX terminal. The order is over 100million USD. This year, ZTE has got several WiMAX orders in Africa.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Xiaochu Wang talks future

4/9/2008, according to local media, chairman and CEO of China Telecom,Mr. Wang, xiaochu talked about the possible shuffle of China telecom service providers in a recent meeting.
Wang told the media that they still didn’t know if they would buy the CDMA network of China Unicom. But he thought that China Telecom would use 3 or 4 month to finish the reorganization. Also they can provide wireless service in 3 months.
Wang also said they would consider to issue new debt or new A share to satisfy the financial request. By now China Telecom only has 30.8% debt capital ratio which provide big room for them to issue new debt.
Wang also pointed out that they would use different service to compete with China mobile. They would use their advantage of fixed network. By today, China Telecom has 8million WiFi user. To merge this WiFi network with future mobile service, China Telecom are sure to bring better service to their customers.Even without this shuffle, Wang still thinks that the transformation of China Telecom can keep their growth. Last year, although traditional voice service went down 9.6billion RMB, but there is 14.3billion RMB increase on non-voice business. China Telecom still has big increasing capability on broadband service.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

230Gbps bandwidth connects Netcom with the world

4/1/2008, According to China Netcom, they have total 230Gbps bandwidth to connect to the overseas network. Netcom has three sea cable landing location, which is Shanghai and Qsingdao., Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou three international bureau, eight land cables who connect to other countries. Today China Netcom already has a international Mesh network. On March 27, Vietnam telecom and Netcom build together Sino-Vietnam Pingxiang international land cable.