Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Huawei employee made suscide

2/26/2008, Beijing time, 13:25 in Chengdu, the biggest city in west China, a young man made suscide. He jumped out from the 4 th floor of Tianfu software park, where Huawei Chengdu R&D center locates. When ambulance car arrived, the man was dead This is not the first time Huawei employee makes suscide, last year, there were two other cases, both in Shenzhen

According to local media, the guy just graduated in 2006 from a Chengdu University. Before he made suscide, he just came back from overseas business. Somebody said he made a big loss in stock market.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feedback to the comments

Thanks to your interest on this blog, for your problem between Datang telecom and Datang mobile, let us look at back their history.

In year 1993, the post & Telecommunication institute was divided into three parts: China Academy of Telecommunication Technology,(CATT) China Academy of Telecommunications Research and Planning China Academy of Posts Research and Planning.
at the same time, Xi`an Datang Telecommunication Co. Ltd. was established based on 10th institute. Xi'an Datang specially developed on PBX switch at that time.
In 1998, Xi'an Datang developed GSM900/1800 system, the same year, Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd was established and then it ' s A-shares began to be traded publicly.
In year 1999, Datang group was established, Datang telecom and other research institutes of CATT was also merged into Datang group.
In year 2000, it was Datang group who introduced TD-SCDMA in ITUT.
In March 2002, Datang Mobile was established as the sign of the mature of TD-SCDMA. Datang Mobile headquarters in Beijing, with one subsidiary in Shanghai and one branch in Xi’an. Datang Mobile is dedicated to the research and development of TD-SCDMA. But because there is not a real TD market, there is in fact no revenue for Datang mobile for many years.
Because Datang telecom loses money for many years, also because of the 3G concept in stock market, Datang group has begun to merge Datang mobile with Datang Telecom.

For the problem about What technology are they going to use: GPON or EPON?
I can say except Huawei, maybe ZTE, all others are using EPON, because it is cheaper. There is one exempt, Former Photon technology's Beijing R&D center once worked on BPON, they were later purchased by RAD. There is also some others who work on ethernet FTTx solution like Cisco's.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

China will invest 70billion on 4G research

2/19/2008, Professor Zhang, Ping is the member of “New generation broadband wireless mobile communication network” project team in China, he also joined the work of 4G trial network in Shanghai. According to Professor Zhang, the project is a 15 year future technology developing project in China, Chinese government will make huge investment on this project. The government will invest directly 20billion RMB, at the same time the government also will organize enterprises to invest 50billion more. This investment will more than the investment on TD-SCDMA.
The Shanghai 4G trail began from year 2001, finished in year 2006, and cost more than 100 million RMB.

Monday, February 18, 2008

China Telecom uses PON to rebuild damaged network

2/18/2008, The big ice and snow in southern China brought China Telecom a huge loss, but there is also good news. That is China Telecom prepares to use PON network equipments to rebuild the damaged network.
This is said to be in line with the “Optic advances and Copper backwards” strategy of China Telecom. China Telecom will install PON ONU in some big villages, so also transform the old narrowband copper network to new broadband fiber network in the rural communication network. Through this, China Telecom can optimize its network, increase its bandwidth providing, lower CAPEX and OPEX. Traditionally, China Telecom liked to use small PDH terminals to build the rural access network. Compared to PDH equipments, PON is gaining more and more advantages.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What will happen in this March?

2/14/2008, Next month, new term Nation People’s Congress (NPC) will be held in Beijing. One of the most important thing of this conference will be the reform of government organization. For me, I care about if the MII will merge with Sarft(The state administration of radio, film and television), if big 5 carriers reorganized again.
For the first thing, it is only a guess. Convergence has been the trend around the world. China should not lag behind this trend. Also China government is considering merging many different departments into one more functional department. It was said the new merged department would be more effective.
For the second thing, some financial institutions including UBS, Morgan Stanley have predicted it could be happened in this March. The most possible plan is that Unicom is divided, both China Telecom and China Netcom will have part of Unicom, China Mobile will acquire China Tietong, so all carriers will be all-service carriers.
2008 is the 30 years anniversary of the “Reform and open to the outside in China”. Many people guess there will be some big reform activity. Could it really happen? Let us wait.
One good thing maybe is today, China government finally announced they would adjust the roaming charge of mobile service after a criticized public hearing. Compared to the old standard, mobile customer will have at most 71% reduction on roaming charge in the future.

Huawei organizes optical network R&D team in Wuhan

2/14/2008, It is not the first time I heard about this, but only this time I can confirm its existence. This is the research institute of Huawei in Wuhan, a city who has the name of optical valley in China. Wuhan is also the hometown of Fiberhome, the No. 3 fiberoptics equipment manufacture in China and many important components manufactures like WTD, HG Genuine.
Wuhan Research Institute (WRI) introduced the first commercial fiber system in China. And since Huawei entered this field, many engineers of Huawei are from Wuhan. But for a long time, Huawei didn’t need to set up a R&D office in Wuhan. Why today they change their mind?
I can’t fully understand the decision of Huawei this time. I wonder their aim is to lower their R&D cost further, also they hope to attract more engineers from Fiberhome and WRI. Fiberhome and WRI has some advantage on 40Gbps application and DWDM technology compared to Huawei.
Another reason, maybe Huawei hopes to attract more component engineers. I need further information to confirm this. Before Wuhan, Huawei has set up a R&D office in Chengdu. They competite with Alcatel Bell there on SDH system engineers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How much can a Huwei employee earn?

2/13/2008, Below information is abstracted from some internet BBS in China.
A:I have worked in Huawei for 7 years, before I left there, I could earn 300K RMB a year. The Bantian base of Huwei is like a prison, the information security policy made us insolated from outside. Employees of Huawei always talked about Huawei. Also some old employees got a much larger salary compared to their work. I am happy I leave that company, Now I can have a normal life.
B: I have come to Huawei for nearly 3 years. Last year for the first time I got the inside stock shares of Huawei, this year I got some more shares. All these shares worth 350K RMB now. I think those people who leave Huawei are not really good employees. When I came to Huawei, there is a female colleague. She didn’t work hard and got a D review score, so she left Huawei herselvs. I heard that she entered Moto later.
C:I have a classmate in Huawei who has worked 4 years there. Last year his revenue is about 250K. By now, for a master student, the entry level salary is 5500RMB each month, after one year, he can also have some special final prize award which worth 10K to 100K. D: Compared to Cisco and Erission, Huawei’s salary is attractive also. Take an example, for a graduate student, if He enters Cisco, he can earn 7800RMB a month, and he can get 13 months salary each year, but no other awards. If you can work in Huawei more than 5 years, you can earn more than a manager in Cisco.