Sunday, January 03, 2010

Top fiber optics stories of 2009 in China

1/3/2010, Most of China\"s fiber optics companies had a very good year 2009. I cannot only pick 10 stories happened last year,you should know more what happened in China in this industry. 1) 3 fiber optics companies went public, including Accelink, Sun&sea and Keybridge. 2) Dr. Charles Gao won Noble Physical prize though he is not a Chinese citizen. 3) Huawei became No. 1 optical network equipment supplier in the world. 4) China Telecom and Unicom made bid on PLC coupler, Broadex, Aofiber etc became the winners. 5) OneChip from Canada used CIOE to be their product publishing platform. 6) More proviences announced to build FTTx city. 7) Manufacturing capacity became the key issue faced by Chinese fiber optics suppliers. 8) Huawei made 10G GPON test with Verizon, ZTE won Italy GPON contract. 9) JDSU Shenzhen\"s worker went on strike against factory sold. 10) Neophotonics China was rumored to go IPO next year. 11) ORTE became the winner in public test on coupler products by Dalian Science&Technology University. 12) A Beijing company annonced to build 3 POF manufacturing base in North China. 13) More passive companies introduce their polirization products. 14) Zhongtian, Tongguang makes progress on undersea cable technology. Huawei found undersea cable business. 15)Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, Shanghai Bell won the PTN bid by China Mobile. 16) China Telecom and ZTE jointly hold 10G EPON standard international conference. More EPON ONU manufaqctures appeared. 17) China Science Technology University in Anhui build world\"s first quantum communication network. 18) YOFC build their Tianjin cable manufacturing base through merge with Tianjin Xinmao. 19) Baocheng company in Shanxi build their first FOG product line. 20) China Telecom in Taiwan has more than 1.51million FTTH subscribers.

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