Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AOE: OFC in China

10/31/2007, Have you seen this before? this is not in USA, this is in Shanghai, in AOE, the Chinese version OFC/NFOEC. OSA organized 12 companies to attend this show.
We cann't say this show very successful. I can say it is more successful than last year for visiters, and it is successful for organizers. But for exhibitors, I don't know, especially for those foreign exhibitors who pay a good price for the show. Many their counterparts in China got the booth nearly free.
I don't want to critize the organizer, they have done a good job, it is not a easy thing to make this kind of optical communication show in China. Chinese companies often don't want to waste their money on advertisment or kinds of show, except they cann't find other direct way to find customers. You can think, such kind of show cann't help them find customers.
The organzier told us they would continue this show next year, I hope thye will be more successful in 2008.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Huawei 's HR revolution

10/30/2007, Huawei just announced a plan aiming employees with more than 8 years working experience in the company. Huawei said those employees volunteerly resigned from today's position, and then they will contend for new positons in Huawei. if they cann't get a new position, they will have to leave Huawei. Huawei will give them a good compensation. It is said that 7000-10000 employees will be affected by this plan, and Huawei will invest more thant1billion RMB on this.
Local media pointed out that Huawei is avoidting the new employee contract law which will be in effect from Jan. 1 2008. The law requires all employees who have more than 10 years experience in the same company will have a not-fixed long term contract automatically. Many entrepreneurs in China is worrying this law will increase their layoff cost, and they are are looking for ways to avoid this. Huawei is the first big company who makes adjustment towards this law.
Things maybe not such easy. from my point of view, Huawei is trying to unload its historical load. Because of its special bonus policy in the first 10 years or 15 years, Huawei's old employees have many special benefits, their bonus is much bigger than their salary revenue each year. But those later come-ins donot have this advantages. In Huawei, it seems there is two classes. Huawei's leader maybe think this is a problem they have to solve, otherwise, it will have big influence on Huawei employee's morales.
You may never see this happened in other company, But this is Huawei, it is not the first time they do this.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

LGI enters Chinese broadband service providing market

10/22/2007, LGI(, a delaware based world wide CATV carrier will become the first overseas company who provide basic network service in Chinese Telecom market. Last friday, Beijing Gehua CATV network (, a local Chinese CATV service provider announced that they would set up a join-ventured company with LGI and another venture company PRC Venture Partners LLC. Gehua will hold 51% share of the new company. Gehua said the new company would invest at least 200 million RMB to build broadband infrastructure. With the help of LGI, the join-ventured company will be a great challenge to Beijing Netcom.

TD-SCDMA is crying, after Wimax becomes 3G standard

10/21/2007, WiMAX has become offical ITU 3G standard. As an TDD technology, It will compete with another TDD 3G standard, TD-SCDMA from China, directly. Now you can see many feedbacks from Chinese media on this news:
1) It is a big slap to Chinese goverment who supports TD standard so many years.
2) TD will have not opportunity to go abroad from today.
3) Those state-hold TD equipments developers are too bureaucratic, that is the reason why TD is still not mature enough
4) The future Chinese 3G licences will be affected deeply by this
5) Chinese should not learn Japan, on standard problem, we should not close the door. ( Japanese have many standards that are only used in Japan )
6) Forget TD, it is only a scam that helps somebody to gain more benefits in China. Because of TD, Datang telecom got hugh investments from government, Because of this concept, many public companies attracted a lot of money from stock market. But, is it a real good concept?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Asia's No. 1 telecom show?

10/18/2007, next tuesday, the biggest communication exhibition in this year will begin in Beijing. Organizer claims the show is a Olympic telecom show, a TD-SCDMA show. Nearly all the telecom/IT medias in China has prepared to show themselfs better in this show.
But not everything is in harmony. Some reporters are complaining they cannot find anything new in this coming show. They cannot find big players appeared in last year's ITU Hongkong show. Even equipments suppliers in China are not very active toward this show. By today, only Nortel China announced their plan in this show.
What we can really find from this show?