Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shanghai IPTV subscribers will reach 800K

8/28/2008, IPTV subscribers in Shanghai will reach 800K by the end of this year. Since early time of this year, the average IPTV installation is about 3000 homes, and by today, there are already 500k IPTV customer in Shanghai.
What is the real reason behind such rapid developments? Since day one of IPTV development, Shanghai Telecom set up the service according to the customer request. By fully using the new technology supported by IPTV, such as multi pictures in the same screen, High defination quality, text news services, the IPTV services attract customers.
During the Olympic games, IPTV provide better service than CATV, they can provide at most 8 pictures in the same screen. IPTV also can provide different information in time. Also the customers can avoid the advertisment so they can guarntee better experience.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rumors about China Telecom CDMA bid

8/18/2008, A big rumor is circulating in China's mobile communication field. The rumor is about Huawei, but the result happens to ZTE.
It is said Huawei will get 70% share by using ultra low price strategy in the coming CDMA bid of China Telecom. ZTE and Shanghai Bell Alcater will only have the other 30%. Because of this news, ZTE's stock price has hit the 2 year low point recently.
Several security companies have confirmed that Huawei really would donate many CDMA equipments, but they denied that Huawei will get 70% market share by this. They pointed out ZTE was the dominator in 2007's CDMA market in China. ZTE even has 50% CDMA market share in the world. Compared to ZTE, Huawei's share is much lower.
Some media also reported that Huawei only gave a 600million target price in this 10billion bid. They said that Huawei would increase price after they got the order. This is a strategy that Huawei has adopted several times. Huawei has a good relationship with China Telecom, even they cannot get a 70% market share, their share must increase in this bid. Also Huawei's advantage is based on WCDMA. But that kind of market still isn't clear. It is sure thing that Huawei will try to increase their market share in CDMA market.
The bid result will be published as early as August 20th.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Who leads 40Gbps Market in China?

8/15/2008, several days ago, Huawei is reported to win the first 40Gbps equipment bid in China Telecom. Huawei will provide 40Gbps equipments for China Telecom's Shanghai-Wuxi transmission system. The news invoked hot disscussions in some telecom online forum in China.
The focus of the discussion is not about 40Gbps technology or market, but it is about Huawei's recruiting policy from fiberhome in Wuhan.
Why people cares about Fiberhome? Because in 40Gbps field, It is them, not Huawei, who made the first field deployment in China. Their 40Gbps project is part of China's national 863 hi-tech project, and they began the R&D on 40Gbps equipments early than Huawei.
When Fiberhome invested in 40Gpbs, Huawei still thought that was a futuere project. Today, everyboday knows 40Gpbs market is mature, then we suddenly find Huawei is leading again.
it was said many fiberhome's R&D engineers left for Huawei, that is maybe the reason behind Huawei's success in 40Gbps. But nobody can give evidence that Huawei's 40Gbps technology is from Fiberhome.
Maybe fiberhome is little heard overseas, as a state-hold company, it has longer history, better R&D resources than Huawei in some field. But Huawei's advantage is that they can grab all the necessary resources they need in the right time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

TD Experience on Beijing Olympics

8/11/2008, To provide 3G service is a promise the Beijing Olympic committee made before the games, now How about the performance of China's TD-SCDMA?

A local reporter wrote in his article:” I tried several times to enter the mobile TV channel, it once stopped work temperately because of too many users, when I can enter the channel, the video quality is still not good enough, sometimes there are delay and buffering. "

Beijing Mobile said the poor video quality this reporter met maybe because of the poor network quality and the moving speed at that time.
An engineer in Beijing Mobile pointed out that today's TD-SCDMA can only provide 85Kbps bandwidth, only when they upgrade to TD-HSDPA and when they provide 1Mbps bandwidth, the video quality can be guaranteed.

During the games, Beijing Mobile provides 100K TD handsets to volunteers and 200K to overseas traveller for renting service.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Accelink goes to IPO

for their IPO information, pl, visit this link, but there is only Chinese version.

8/5/2008, One of the largest optical component company in China, Accelink(Wuhan)’s IPO was approved by CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission). They can go public in Shenzhen small and middle sized stock market as early as this September. Accelink is the first company who successfully goes public this year in Hubei Province. In all component industry in China. Accelink is the first independent company who goes public.
According to Accelink, they are the No. 11 biggest optical component manufactures around the world, whose revenue last year was about 487million RMB. Their main products are optical amplifiers, fiber connectors and WDM components.
Accelink’s products have been purchased by Fiberhome, Huawei and ZTE. They also sell their products in US market through themselves and some distributors. They also have some big OEM partner in US.
Wuhan Research Institute is the largest shareholder of Accelink. Zhongtian, a fiber cable public manufacture in China is the second largest shareholder of them.
Accelink will initiate 40million shares this time. We predict they can get 200 to 300 million RMB through the IPO. How will they use this money? Accelink didn’t give the answer. But It is very possible that they try to merge with their brother company WTD using this money. WTD is a transceiver company with nearly 28 years history. Corning once was WTD’s shareholder, but later they sold all their shares back to Wuhan Research Institute. The gossip about the merge of two component companies under Wuhan Research Institute has been spread for many years. We can’t see any obstacles for this merge after the IPO. After the merge, they will be certainly the largest optical component company in China. And they really have the ability to enter the top 10 fiber optics company around the world.