Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumor: JDSU will sell its Shenzhen factory to Fabrient

12/14/2008, There is a rumor circling around the fiberoptics industry in Shenzhen. JDSU will outsource all its optical components business. It is even said that the Shenzhen factory of JDSU will be sold to Farbrinet with only 2million USD. Somebody says that JDSU doesn’t own all the equipments of this Shenzhen factory, the land is also rented from local government. So they have already discussed the transfer with several potential buyers. But up to today, JDSU still didn’t make the final decision.
We asked this news to JDSU Shenzhen, but no feedback. Their marketing guys don’t want to talk about this with us.

Facing the global economical crisis, not only JDSU has problem. Other big Chinese fiberoptics companies also have problems. Photop, one of the largest component manufactures in China, was said to make layoff, their orders also shrink 20%. A spokesman from this company said their business not only based on fiberoptics, they also had display, optics etc business, so the crisis will not make big problem for them.
Another big company who make layoff is Neophotonics China. In the end of last month, they laid off 10% employees. They also pull off all their recruiting advertisements.

Contrary to this shrinking, some enterprises are considering expanding. We just heard a long time agent company in this field just purchased a new factory in Shenzhen, they prepared to assembly TOSA and ROSA. They told us they could find very good employees with lower salary in this special time. They didn’t see any sign of crisis, But they think the elected president of US, Mr. Obama will bring new hope to the communication industry. They think it is just the time to enter the manufacturing of fiber optics components.