Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Huawei eyes for Nortel's WiMAX engineers?

7/24/2007, In order to service Olympic 2008, China Mobile is said to build a small 2.5GHz IEEE 802.16e WiMAX network in Qingdao. Huwei, Samsung, Motorola, ZTE all hope to become WiMAX equipemnt supplier for this project.

The project was thought to be the first 802.16e project. although after the Olympic games, the network will be uninstalled, Equipment suppliers still hope to give China Mobile a good impression on their WiMAX products.

The interesting thing in the original report is that in order to develope WiMAX technology, Huawei has recruited many engineers from Nortel China R&D departments, some of them even are foreigners.

The report said, In China, there were not enough R&D resources on WiMAX, so Nortel, who put WiMAX as their important direction, become the new victim of headhunting in China.

Is it this news true? Maybe only Nortel China can prove it.

Another Huawei employee died

7/24/2007, Zhang,yue, made suicide in an appatment building yesterday just after 2 months he entered Huawei. He left a letter to his parents and told them he felt too big pressure in Huawei.
It is the 3rd Huawei employee who died abnormally in this year, the first died in his work position, the second died in the lost Kenya airplane. Everytime people saw such news, they will always link it to the high pressure Huawei employees face.
A speakman from Huawei HR department denies the suicide is because of pressure. He told the press this employee was still in training , it isn't possible he faces big pressure. Anyway, Huawei will compensent the parents 10,000 RMB to console them.
Rather than the young man died under pressure from work, I would think that he died under the high expectation from his parents, his friends. In China, not many company can provide the same high salary as Huawei. To enter Huawei is always the dream of many young boys and girls, when the dream become bubble, what will happen?
I would not criticize Huawei for this, I would condemn the society.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

China leads FTTH?

7/19/2007,According to the newest ranking report by FTTH council, Hongkong, a speical zone of China, leads the world in FTTH field by a 21.2% FTTH access rate. Even mainland China has a FTTH access rate more than 1%. Taiwan, a waiting-for-united province of China, also has an access rate more than 1%.
I am so supprised to see these data. Although I know Hongkong is so successful on their IPTV development, but I know most IPTV users in Hongkong are based on DSL technology, not FTTH.
For mainland China, consider the so big population, even 1% will be an amazing number. Mainland China has nearly 300 million homes, 1% will be 3 million homes. As I know, even 30K real FTTH homes in mainland China doesn't exit.
FTTH council is holding a conference in Beijing now, the number maybe is just used to make those MITT officers happy for a day.