Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wu hequan:Broband development is government's duty

10/22/2008, Just before the Beijing communication show 2008, Vice prisident and fellow of China engineering institute, Mr. Wu, hequan said in a forum that broadband development is government's duty.
As he said:"Broband brings service converging, the strategy of broadband developing is not the task of those carriers, government should have right policy to promote this. "He points out that compared to the 40Mbps bandwidth in Korea, 20Mbps in Hongkong, Chinese internet users only have less than 2Kbps average bandwidth. China still has a long way on broadband development. Wu also said, the most important service for broadband is video service, but because of policy problem, Chinese carriers still can not develope video service in full speed.
I agree with Mr. Wu that government's policy is the key block on the development of broadband in China. But I also want to point out, as a former high rank officer from China Telecom, Mr. Wu didn't point out that Chna didn't allow cable TV service providers to run voice service freely. Cable service providrs are in very weak position compared to those big telecom carriers. That is the reason they try their best to block telecom service providers enter video market.
The most important thing in China's telecom market, and on the strategy of broadband developing, it is to build a fair environment for competition, not only for telecom carriers, but also for cable TV service providers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

CIOE2008: Pictures


Looking at the broad growth of FTTH with caution
WTD participates in CIOE with eye-catching booth of bright color and simple good-looking design. There are visitors gathering at its booth all time. Dr. Yuanzhong Xu, deputy general manager of WTD, told us that with an increase of 88 percent of orders by the end of September in this year, only 55 percent of ordered products were shipped . There is heavy pressure of product manufacturing capacity for them. Driving factors of demand in optical component market are as follows:
1. Opportunity of Olympic Games. Most of the orders were placed before the Games which strength the development of entire industry by its high level standard. So the overall result of this half of year is excellent.
2. FTTx program finally starts in domestic market in 2008. The deploying of FTTx has brought challenges and opportunities for component manufactures. Japan and South Korea made remarkable promotion of FTTx in 2006 and 2007, and in 2008, China finally gets its way to boost FTTx, especially in the first half year.
Some successful achievements displayed on the show, from which we can have a clear view of WTD:
28-year-old history in optical components industry;
More than one hundred of patents and national standards;
30,000 chips are shipped each day;
Serving more than 3,000 customers;
Provide product to nearly 40 global telecommunications equipment manufacturers;
Shipment of transceivers is more than 3,000,000 each year.

FTTx promotes optical components market in China
The speech “The Evolvement and Outlook on China's Optical
Components Technology and Market” given by Dr. Xu on CIOE2008 attracts many attentions.

Reviewing the evolution of technologies and market of optical components with his personal experience, Dr Xu believes that the breakthrough of optical communication technology lies on the evolution of components technology except fiber technology. Today, Chinese optical component vendors only compete each other on lower cost because of shortage of innovation. Dr Xu emphasized awareness of intellectual property should be core competition for Chinese optical communication business.

At the end of the speech, Dr. Xu predicted Chinese optical component technology and market in the next 5 years. With reference to some high-end product, it indicated that Chinese optical component technology will be 5 years behind that from oversea vendors. However, China is playing a more and more important role in the world, with a quarter to one third of market share of world’s optical component in the future. There will be hundreds of FTTx optical components engage in connector, coupler, splitter, transceiver, BOSA/TOSA/ROSA and so on in china in next 5 years, and most of them are concentrated on the end of the entire industry chain. It is also predicted that two or three vendors will show up in global market occupying more and more market shares of the world.

CIOE2008: Hisense Broadband

If you have interest to this company, or other companies, you can contact me directly by my email I will forward your email to those companies.

Hisense Broadband:Business goes faster

On CIOE 2008, Hisense Broadband not only demonstrates its 10G PON transceivers, also showcases its DVI/HDMI optical transmitter for high-definition video signal transmission, parallel optical transceiver with 12 channel and bandwidth up to 40G. According to Yanshuang Zhang, marketing director of Hisense Broadband, over last six months, their number of staff increased, development of the business went faster, development of new product also speeded up, there are lots of new orders. As the business grew rapidly with support of the group over the past six months, Hisense Broadband has expanded its production by three times to meet the strong demand from customers. They also realized double growth of sales by September compared to last year. They planed to add 12 producing line of optical transceiver in a new plant of 3,000 square meters by the end of this year.
According to Madame Zhang, The business of optical communication becomes the fastest growing part of all Hisense Group. They have finally achieved rich fruits due to years of hard working.
The reason for such a rapid pace of development comes from two aspects: firstly, Ligent, the partner of them in United States, is selling its GPON modules abroad in volume and winning recognitions of customer in world level. Secondly, the R & D, connection closely with market, quick reaction to customers demand and marketing strategy of brand make Hisense quickly to grab more FTTH optical transceiver market share. Hisense Broadband continues to increase investment in research and development, relying on independent innovation, they developed 10G PON optical transceiver series, GPON CLASS C + OLT module and so on.
When talking about the target for the next three years, Madame Zhang said that 1 billion RMB will come out, “of course, it is not only from optical service, it is set through strict planning and fully consideration.

CIOE2008: Fibercom

Fibercom: makes its debut on CIOE2008

Fibercom Technologies Co., Ltd is composed of two sections (Shenzhen and Chongqing) and its facility totally occupies 7000 square meters. The R&D and sales centre is located in Shenzhen High Technology Development Zone (1000 square meters).Their manufacture base is located in Chongqing.

The management team consists of a group of distinguished experts specializing in the field of optoelectronics. Dr Zhangyong Huang, one of the pioneers in developing optical components in China in 1970s/1980s, is appointed as the CEO of Fibercom. With comprehensive optoelectronics knowledge, profound technique accumulation, innovative R&D, acute market sensitivity and plentiful experience in mass production and quality control management. Fibercom is committed to satisfy our customers with top notch technology,products, and service. Quality products, emphasis on customer service, technological awareness and high productivity are the corner stones of Fibercom philosophy.

On CIOE2008, Fibercom rolled out series of high data rate transceivers, whole line of optical devices for FTTx as well as butterfly series products such as SLD、CATV LD、980PumP LD. With all those products, Fibercom has achieved the vertical integrating capability TO→OSA→Transceiver, TO→BIDI→Triplexer, Pump LD→EDFA.

CIOE2008: Wuxi ZTE

WXZTE:developing steadily

A booth using only two colors of blue and white comes to your eyes every year, then you know it must be Wuxi Zhongxing Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.(WXZTE). Over the years, WXZTE has always a style of low-key towards media. It is our honor to have this chance to have some speaks with San Gui, vice marketing director.
Although there is a staff of 20 when Mr.Gui joins WXZTE seven years ago, WXZTE set its global target at the beginning. Today, WXZTE continues to ship most of products to oversea market, including North America, Japan and Europe. In addition, its shares in India market start to rise up in these two years. The revenue of oversea market currently accounts for 70 percent.
The revenue continuingly increases with 40 percent annually over the past 8 years.
In 2006, WXZTE began developing its own optical transceivers, and at the end of 2007, they had made the breakthrouth on SFP, SFF, G/EPON and other products, which account for 15 percent of revenues. They hope to be the leading optical transceiver supplier in next three years.
EDFA is still the main product for WXZTE, but it is a product of low profit with price transparency. However, Gui is confident of the future of EDFA. From his observation, he gave us the reasons:
First of all, complete substitutes for optical fiber and technologies will not be available, which means that the times of light is still under way, the market demands keep growing;
Secondly, automatic and highly integrated EDFA is still the subject of the development of the industry. The technology leader will be the ones of a greater advantage;
Thirdly, with rapid development of 3G and FTTH, demand of EDFA will be driven by service, which is proved in North America, Japan and South Korea markets.

CIOE2008: OptiGlogy

OptiGlory:rollout BusPON as the promotion of PON

OptiGlory was founded in 2008 by a group of enthusiastic people specialized in the fields of optical communication and photonic technology. With years of experience in research and development of next generation networks and systems, the company has launched a series of patented solutions based on the state-of-the-art Bus Passive Optical Network BusPON for delivering broadband and seamless multi-service signals to multiple users. The mission of the company is "Realization of Next Generation Networks for Today".
The company has a strong vision of providing a one-stop reliable solution to achieve the goal of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) and Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) globally for Metro and Access networks. The BusPON technology is the evolution of the existing EPON and GPON solutions. It is a WDM-PON designed for deployment in both dense urban cities with high-rise buildings and rural areas with complicated geographical situations. The long reach capability of BusPON (range of 50km) allows the system to cater for merging Metro and Access networks in one network. Not only is the bandwidth delivered by BusPON is an order of magnitude better than recent PONs systems, but it is also the first PON system that demonstrates intelligent resilience in single fiber architecture. OptiGlory aims to deliver world class quality solutions with Asian prices and becomes the glory of optical communication.


More than 10 companies show their PLC products in this show. PLC is the hottest topic on the floor. These companies include Broadtech, Photonicshy,Neophotonics,Wuxi Aofiber,Yilut,Agilecom,Solorein etc. And you can also find some companies who are recruiting PLC engineers right in the show.
Although many of them announces they have developed this product for a long time, but in fact, PLC became a hot topic only in this year. Even in last year, you can't count more than 3 PLC manufactures in China.
With the appearing FTTH market in China and around the world, many passive component companies think they must have PLC ability. But of course, they can't have this technology in one night. Chinese manufactures are not good at chip level manufacturing; they are good at packaging technology. Then in order to have PLC products, they have to purchase PLC chip from Japanese or Korean companies. If you can find a source for chip, you will have this product. So you will find more and more PLC manufactures in China, and you will soon see price war in this field. This maybe the reality in the optical component industry in China.

CIOE2008: Another Winter and Broadtech

Topic about another winter of this industry circles around the show. Many exhibitors complain their difficulties with us. It seems our industry just come out of one winter. Do we have to enter another winter today?
But people also tell us that we don't fear about winter very much, because every time after winter, we can always find some companies who live better. Broadex-tech is a good example.
This company entered the industry in the beginning of last winter, and after this winter, they have IPO plan, they have a big market share in overseas PLC market. On their booth, we met two security analysts from Shanghai, they come to this show just to study this company. According to Mr. Xu, Yuanzhong, marketing VP of WTD, PLC will be the focus of next wave fiber optics investment in China.
So who will be the next Broadtech after the emerging new winter, Is it possible to be Fibercom? Its founder, Mr. Huang, Zhangyong has always a dream that is to make chip ourselves. He has once created a great company, Photon, Can he create another great company in this field?

CIOE2008: New Products

Although not many, but still there are some new products. Maybe they are not new for you, but really new product in China, or at least for their suppliers.

Field installed fast connector producing tool from Jiangsu Unikit: Use the special clamp from this company and the standard cleaver, their engineers can make a fiber connector in 2 minutes, the insertion loss is about 0.2-0.3dB, and return loss is about 40dB.

Multi rate 120Km DWDM XFP transceiver and 10G SFP + transceiver from Source Photonics
Different glass fiber, plastic fiber from Nanjing Chunhui

A new power meter from Joinwit: with only half cost of the counterparts from overseas competitors, Joinwit think their new power meter will have better competition ability.

10G SFP+ Transiver from Suzhou Innolight:

Mechanical connector for FTTH application from Zhejiang Twinstar tech: It is said to realize the connection in less than 30seconds with insertion loss less than 0.1dB.

FTTH panel and fiber management system from Ephotics.

CIOE2008: New Images

From the design of each booth, you can also find something behind that. Below are some of our editors'findings on the show floor.

SourcePhotonics: Their booth background is a picture of highway, a very beautiful picture. Many visitors will take a photo before this picture.

HG Genunie: The booth is like two great mountains, some visitors think the company is always climbing these mountains these years.

WTD: They have a new slogan, the original power of optical communication. They really are the oldest company in this industry.

Luster Light Tech: As one of the largest distributor, They use the display board to surround their booth, because they have too many technology to share with their visitors.

Wuxi ZTE: Seems they don't care about the visitors very much. Their marketing manager told us although always a low key company, but their revenue increase by 40% each year.

Premiere: A booth like a room for a Chinese new couple, the big red color really shows something from their managers.

Broadex-tech: Somebody says the booth like a corn, but we think it is more like a sailboat. It is said their PLC products has got 60% market share in Japan and Korea.

Hisense: They also have a new slogan, which is FTTH specialist. Their gift is a 2G U disk, a good gift.

HiOptel: Their new slogan, mainstream supplier of optical components

Fibershow: A parachute shape, but the background music is "fly higher"

Senko: Many pretty ladies, and many good gifts which you can only acquire from lucky draw. This method keeps a lot of visitors in front of their booth.

N-net: Another booth with spicy girls and lucky draws.

CIOE2008:New companies

A four day's exhibition is really a long tired exhibition. Today is the last day of the show, some exhibitors prepared to go back just after lunch. People told us there were less overseas visitors than before, maybe because of the visa problems. Another impression maybe there are more and more small new component companies, many of them are fiber connector companies, but there are also some very special new companies that you should know.
Optiglory: Their BusPON technology has got the patent from HK. The technology is developed by Dr. Zhong Yongkang and Dr. Chen Lixian from Polytechnology University of Hongkong. They told us this new technology can avoid the weakness on security of EPON and GPON systems, the system based on this technology can be easily to add new splitter without affecting the total system.
Chmtech: A ERP software company, their ERP software is specialized on the request of optical communication companies. And they already developed some customers in this industry.
Actech: 10G EML laser, 10G PIN TIA, 10G TOSA/ROSA, do you believe these are from a new company? And we want to know where their customers are?
Innolight Tech: Also make their first appearance in this show, the company is founded by several veteran engineers from JDSU, Finisar. The R&D teak is located in USA.

CIOE2008: The first day

The organizer will be happy to see there are more people on the show floor than before, but the exhibitors maybe feel some kind of inconvenience. Because only the north gate is the entrance to the show, people like us have to waste a lot of time to find that entrance. Those exhibitors who bring a heavy load of exhibiting materials will find this a tough work for them. Even if you find the entrance, it is not easy too to find your booth. The organizer told us they would section exhibitors according to their industry, but we find some communication companies are located in display section, and vice versa.
If we forget this inconvenience, we can find some interesting things from the show itself. Besides those transceiver companies, we can find JDSU and Agilent's test instruments, we can find many big fiber and cable manufactures in China. They are not the usual attendee of this show. Among them, Fiberhome from Wuhan not only exhibits their cable, but also their dispersion compensator, and their FTTH equipments.
In component field, some companies whose main market is overseas market like Lightcomm doesn't attend the show. Some other attractive booths include:
Accelink: After their successful IPO in China, they are proud to set up a highest booth in the show. And they focus on their optical path protecting system.
Fibercom: Founded by Mr. Huang, zhangyong, this is the first appearance of the company. And they have a really good debut, showing a complete line of products from pump laser to PON transceiver.
Century Epitech: They have one of the largest booths in the show, and their slogan is from chip to transceiver, a really great objective.
Hisense: Their focus is their 10G PON transceiver, DVI active cable etc.
Sourcephotonics: Although they focus their exhibition on 10G products, their sales manager told us that revenue from PON transceiver has already been 85% of their total revenue. Their light green background is very comfortable.
WTD: In White and Red color, they tried to tell the visitors their rapid growth in these years by data.


This year is the 10th year for CIOE(China's International Optoelectronic Exhibition, from Sep. 6 to Sep. 10) in Shenzhen. Before the show, we were told by the organizer that they sold the booths very well. Today's CIOE is not only an optical components show in its early days, but a comprehensive show including optical components for communication, optical display, laser, solar energy products etc. Under the new situation, the organizer promotes the show through cooperation with many professional medias in the optoelectronic industry, CFOL( is just one of them, but we are one of a few medias who attended all 10 years' show.
Then from this year's show, what we can expect? According to our understandings, we think they are:
1) Who can be a new Photon or Fiberxon? After Photon is acquired by NewPhotonics, and Fiberxon is acquired by MRV, Can we have a new leading component company in this industry? Can it be WTD, or Hioptel, or Hisense, or Gigalight, the admission ticket sponsor for CIOE2008?
2) Who will change their jobs in those big names? As we know, the founder of Photon, Mr. Huang, zhangyong, has founded another component company.
3) What will happen in PLC domain? Nearly every passive component companies aim at this market and many of them had made big investments.
4) Any new products? We have been looking for new products in CIOE for 10 years, but it is a difficult work. Before this year's show, many companies told us they would have new products, then let us wait.
5) A new forum? The forum is always a weakness of the CIOE, to improve this, the organizer outsources the forum to another company, and then can we have surprise?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Base for Huawei’s 100Gbps products ?

10/2/2008, In Brussel, BBWF, Huawei just announced its 1.28T OTN OpitX OSN8800 product which can supported 100Gbps transmission, and its prototype 10G GPON product. From this announcement, Huawei shows to the world that they are just strong enough as their big rivals like Alcatel-Lucent, NokiaSiemens or Nortel.
Several days ago, Chinese just realized their first walk in the space. Both this and Huawei’s new achievements can be regarded as some special gift to 59th National day of People’s republic of China. Chinese has their reason to be pride for all these at this special event.
But if you think today’s China is strong enough just because of this, you must be wrong.
Huawei can introduce 100Gbps transmission product, but Chinese manufactures cann’t produce even 2.5Gbps laser chip in scale. Huawei can demonstrate their 10G GPON product, but their GPON chip and transceiver suppliers must not be local suppliers. In today’s supply chain environment, Huawei can easily acquire what they need from overseas suppliers. From this side, their rivals in US or in Europe have no advantages against Huawei. Only competitors like Infinera who make key components themselves are the competitor that Huawei cannot simulate. Today’s China is a highly contradicted country, very rich and very poor, very advanced and very old, exist together. Even in fiber communication field, it is the same. Chinese companies can lead the world in application level, but they are very far behind on the basic research level, on the material level and on the chip level.