Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yinan Li left Huawei again

12/26/2007, According to local media, Chief scientist of Huawei, Mr. Li, yinan left Huawei for personal reasons this month. It was said Li would set up a new telecom testing instrument company. Mr. Huang,yaoxu followed Li‘s departure also. It is second time to leave Huawei for both Mr. Li and Mr. Huang. As founding employees of Huawei, Li once was the chief technology officer and xecutive VP of Huawei, last time he left Huawei, he built Harbour network, a switch/router company. Huawei purchased Harbour last year. Mr. Huang once was the president of optical department of Huawei. Last time he left Huawei, he built a transmission equipment company and later merged with harbour. He returned to Huawei after Huawei purchased Harbour.

Guangdong Telecom invests more on IPTV

12/26/2007, According to local media, Guangdong Telecom will invest 5billion RMB more on IPTV network. The result of bidding will be opened by the end of this month. 2 years ago, Guangdong Telecom made the first purchase on IPTV equipments. Huawei won the order for Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 60K subscribers. ZTE won the order for Dongguan and Foshan, total 24K subscribers. UTStarcom won the order for Zhuhai, SHantou and ZHongshan, total 16K subscribers. From this upgrade, Guangdong telecom hope to generate more revenue from IPTV service.

In China, IPTV deployment still face the block of policy. Only a few provinces have IPTV services. Because of cooperation with local broadcaster, Shanghai Telecom now has the largest IPTV subscribers. According to the recent statistics, it now already has 220K subscribers. The total broadband subscribers in Shanghai is 3million. In Shanghai, 85% of residents can have 2M access rate from Shanghai Telecom.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

China Telecom loses subscribers

12/20/2007, According to China Telecom, it has continuely losed subscibers. During the first 11 months of this year, China Telecom has accumulated 2.74 million subsribers loss. This is the first time China Telecom shows all year subscribers net loss since year. In opposition, China Mobile has a 6.51million net gain on subscribers during the first 11 months.
China Telecom pointed out the reasons for the loss of subscribers include big competition, especially from mobile service providers' one way calling package.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ZTE invests in energy industry

12/5/2007, ZTE today announced to invest 1.29billion RMB in a new energy company with its shareholders or sister companies including Zhongxianwei, Zhongxing development, Zhongxing international investment, also Mr. Hou, weigui, chairman of the board of ZTE.
ZTE said that it would still focus on communication industry. To join this investment is just to optimaize the investment structure, to increase return of investment, to look for new profit increasing source.
According to local media, besides energy and communication industry, ZTE has made investment in real estate and environment industry. ZTE enviroment company is looking forward to going public within 3 years.

Former Minister critisized telecom industry

12/5/2007, Mr. Zhu, gaofeng is the former vice minister of post and telecommunication ministry in China. In a forum hold in Beijing yesterday, He owed the big problem to Chinese carriers.

According to him, there is misunderstanding between usual customers and carriers. Customers have many negetive opnions towards the carriers about telecom product services and prices. but no carriers can give customers a clear explanation.

He also critisized the payment-delay problem. He said:"before, telecom industry is very weak, but today it is such a big industry, it makes big cash flow everyday. it is hard to believe carriers don't have money to make payment. "he also said, "Carriers always choose the lowest price when they make purchase, it makes very bad competitions among equipment suplliers."