Monday, March 17, 2008

New minister of Industry and Information Ministry

3/17/2008, The national people's conference today voted Mr. Li, Yizhong as the first minister of the new Industry and Information Ministry. Mr. Li graduated from Beijing Petro College in 1966. He began to work in 1967 first as a worker, then engineer, deputy manager of workshop, deputy chief engineer, general manager. From Dec. 1984 to July 1987, he was the manager of Qilu Oil and Petro company of Chinese petrol and chemistry group. From July 1987 to August 1997, he was the deputy general manager of Chinese petrol and chemistry group. From August 1997 to April 1998, he was the chairman of Yizhen chemistry and fiber Co. Ltd. In April 1998, he became the general manager of Chinese petrol and chemistry group. In Feb. 2002, he became the chairman of Chinese chemistry and petrol group. In year 2003, he became the genaral secretry of SASAC. From feb. 2002, he became the general director of state administration of work safety. He is famous for his work in this position in China.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The price of optical cable and fiber reduces 40%

3/14/2008, according to three professonal industry association, the cable branch of associton of electronic components, cable branch of electricity products, cable branch of communication association, compared to year 2002, the price of optical fiber and cable has reduced 40%. 31 suppliers are surveyed this time, they has more than 80% market share of Chinese market. The survey shows that:
Price of G652 fiber reduces from 160RMB/KM to 80RMB/Km Price of G655 fiber reduces from 400RMB/Km to 230RMB/KM
but the price of material PE increase from 7500RMB/ton to 13500RMB/ton.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bye bye MII

3/11/2008, According to the new organization renovation of Chinese government, the industry managing function of National Development and reform commission, the total function except nuclear electricity of nation defense science commission, Minister of information industry, information office under state council will be merged into a new ministry: Industry and information ministry. The chief function of this new ministry will be:

Make plan , strategy and standard on industry development;
Monitor the everyday work of the all industry;
Promote innovation on important equipment and technology
Manage the communication industry
Promote the information application
Guarantee information secure of the whole country

The establishment of this new ministry belongs to a bigger organization renovation in China. The renovation is for improving the efficiency of government. But don’t expect it will soon have good result on communication industry.
First, it doesn’t merge the function of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (SASAC) which is the large share holder of all 5 services providers in China. Without SASAC, I don’t think this new ministry will have any big difference with the former MII。
Secondly, it doesn’t merge the function of SARFT which is responsible for the radio and television, film business. The communication industry is converging, except in Chinese government.
From my opinion, I think an organization like FCC is more important than such kind of organization renovation. Also the market open policy is more important than the reshuffle of the five carriers. Usually, after every renovation or reshuffle, there will be a long stagnant period, then this time, how long will it be?
The leaders of China look the information technology very important, but I think they don’t understand how important and how to use this information technology.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

one more Huawei guy makes suscide

I am sorry to write this again, but it really happens again. In 12:20AM March 6, F2 cafeteria of Huawei Bantian R&D base , another Huawei employee named Zhang, Liguo made suscide. He jumped from the 3 th floor and died at once.

Local police has said Zhang died of suscide, but didnot disclose the reason. Also they don't think the death is because of hihs work in Huawei. Mr. ZHang is in his 36 age this year, he worked in software department of Huawei. And he joined Huawei only in the November 2007.