Thursday, July 19, 2007

China leads FTTH?

7/19/2007,According to the newest ranking report by FTTH council, Hongkong, a speical zone of China, leads the world in FTTH field by a 21.2% FTTH access rate. Even mainland China has a FTTH access rate more than 1%. Taiwan, a waiting-for-united province of China, also has an access rate more than 1%.
I am so supprised to see these data. Although I know Hongkong is so successful on their IPTV development, but I know most IPTV users in Hongkong are based on DSL technology, not FTTH.
For mainland China, consider the so big population, even 1% will be an amazing number. Mainland China has nearly 300 million homes, 1% will be 3 million homes. As I know, even 30K real FTTH homes in mainland China doesn't exit.
FTTH council is holding a conference in Beijing now, the number maybe is just used to make those MITT officers happy for a day.

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Clay said...

I dont want to sound political here, but you started it with your strange comment of "Waiting for unification province of China" nonsense when you speak of Taiwan FTTH deployment. It sounds very much like an insecure person trying desperately to convince himself of something which is obviously not true.

Have you ever heard of the English expression "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - its a duck" ?
Taiwan a) does not pay taxes to PRC, b) has a different Passport than PRC, c) has different currency than PRC, d) has a democratically elected president e) has different culture f) has rules against Chinese visiting g) has different language, etc...

I think intelligent and observant people know what Taiwan reality is, don't you?