Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2009 Top 10 fiber optics employers in mainland China

April 14, 2010, If you want to join a Chinese fiber optics company, whom you should choose? Here are the top 10 fiber optics employers accordong to the most recent survey by CFOL(China Fiber Optics Online),our Chinese version.

No. 1 Oclaro China score:22.2
No. 2 Finisar China score:21.4
No.3 Source Photonics score:19.4
No.4 Accelink score:18.7
No.5 JDSU China score:18.7
No.6 WTD score:18.6
No.7 Neophotonics China score:18.4
No.8 Photop (a II-VI company) score:17.9
No.9 Oplink China score:16.8
No.10 O-net score:15.1

These 10 companies are selected from nearly 60 fiber optics companies recommanded by our readers. The critieras for the selection include working strength, working enviroment, vocation arrangment, salary and benefeciary, and personal developing space. Each item is scored from 1 to 5 depending on how satisfied the interview correspondence is with the company. 25 is the full score. After 9 months survey, we collected all together 961 effective correspondence by email, by phone or by vis-a-vis interview.

As the best job service provider in China's fiberoptics industry, CFOL hopes to help job seekers get more information about possible employer, at the same time help employers to get better understanding of job seekers.

Several years ago, CFOL once made another best employer selection. At that time, Bookaham China was named the best employer in that year.

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