Friday, June 11, 2010

What Chinese talk in Telecom BBS: Should we sell our ZTE stock?

6/11/2010, Although triple play is the hottest topic in China's telecom industry these days, not everyone can has influence on that policy. In BBS, Chinese care about much where they can earn more money in this industry.

Two threads about interview experience attracted many discussions. The first is from C114, the title is "For 80K-100K Yuan each year, Should we accept this condition to be sales manager in Raisecom?" The author considers it too low to accept. Many netizens support him, but some netizens say that it is acceptable, considering that Raisecom will go public soon. Raisecom is a Beijing ethernet and optical network equipment supplier.

The second is about Huawei from Tianya. the author described the interviewer of Huawei too aggressive, too arrogant, two rampant by making him without a single redeeming feature. Some Huawei's funs pledged for Huawei to describe that as a kind of pressure test. Anyway, Huawei is always popular by telecom engineers, even in US. An article published in "Wanqu Review" listed several high end talented persons recruited by Huawei in US, including former Cisco ERBU CTO Michael Beesley, former Procket founder Bill Lynch, For McAFee first scientist Fengmin Gong etc.

Netizens were worried about ZTE's stock share price these days. They wonder if they should sell off their ZTE stocks facing declining ZTE stock price. The shuffle of leaders and the limitation in India's market make ZTE's stock price plummet. Some netizens say that ZTE sill has a great developing ability in the long run. It is the time to purchase ZTE stocks.

On Sohu, netizens are showing their sympathy towards a family who works in Nokia Siemens Beijing. Because of a car accident, the husband and daughter died, the wife is seriously injured. Nokia Siemens China is organizing a donation activity for the family.

Another article on Sohu is about Huawei. The title is "Huawei is really black". The author scolded Huawei trampling Chinese employee's right, like not extra payments for work overtime, treat employees as animals. At the same time, Huawei will not do the same on foreign employees. The article got many supporters on Sohu.

On Tianya, a post titled "Shall I support my Huawei husband to work overseas?" attracts netizens’s interest. A reply for the post discouraged this poor wife to support his husband, he said that overseas work is the tomb of the marriage. Behind Huawei's glory, how many poor wives are crying?

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