Thursday, May 27, 2010

China Telecom aims at large scale deployment of 100G on 2014

5/27/2010, Optinet, one of the most important technology forum about optical network industry in China, is held on May in Beijing each year. Every year on Optinet, you can always here about some very interesting and very important technological point of view from those technology gurus from China's service providers. Every year, the topic of Optinet is always the hottest optical network technology that year. And in this year's Optinet, It is 100G technology.

On yesterday's open speech of Optinet 2010, Vice chief engineer of China Telecom, Mr. Zhang,chengliang gave a time table on 100G deployment of China Telecom for the first time. According to Zhang, they will first test 100G WDM equipments from different suppliers in their labs, then they will make field trial in 2013. He predicated they would launch large scale deployment in 2014. Zhang admitted that 40G technology would not support the traffic request after year 2014. Every 5 year, China Telecom's network traffic increases by 8 times. Zhang also praised that 100G technology is a revolutionary technology for optical communication. The DSP, new modulation and coherent receiving technology all will make optical communication up one level. In his point of view, 100G technology will have longer life span, and can be used at least to year 2020.

Another keynote speaker yesterday was Mr. Mao qian, director of optical communication sub-committee of China telecommunication committee. His speech was about FTTH and M2M network. According to him, China has already had 20 million FTTx subscribers, which exceeds Japan's scale. But among those FTTx subscribers, very few of them are FTTH subscribers. In the future, the coming triple play policy will further promote China's FTTx development. And for the future Mache to Machine (M2M) application in home, FTTH will be the only choice to connect this home M2M network to Internet.

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