Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Chinese talk in Telecom BBS : Inside exchange of ZTE

5/16/2010, It is the time to publish financial reports. It is the time to doubt those financial data. A lead on C114 named “comparison of financial data between ZTE and Huawei” compared the number of employees, revenue, cost, net income, margin of net income etc in both companies. From that he found that ZTE’s cost profit ratio is only one thirds of Huawei’s. In year 2009, ZTE has a cost profit ratio of 8.18%, Huawei is 23.37%. In year 2008, ZTE is 7.67%, Huawei is 21.46%. For the profit margin, ZTE is 5.52% in year 2009, Huawei is 14.12%. In year 2008, ZTE is 5.11%, Huawei is 12.94%. For gross fit margin, ZTE is also lower than Huawei. The author’s conclusion is that ZTE transferred benefits to high ranked managers using series of inside exchanges.
People are also talking about Huawei and ZTE’s struggle in India. On one side they praise their policy more mature than before, but on the other side, they remind the two companies not to lose their respect in the process of earning money.
On C114, there is a lead about who is the leader in China’s PON market. He concludes that Huawei and Alcatel lead in GPON market, ZTE leads in EPON market, Fiberhome does well both in GPON and EPON in China’s market, but do a poor job in overseas market.
In China, Huawei’s employee is often admired by their high income. On Sohu, a lead named “Several 5 years Huawei employee prepared to buy cars for their wives using their bonus”. The lead said that Huawei’s 2009 year bonus tripled compared to last year. Somebody doesn’t believe the truth of this lead, somebody criticized that the bonus is in exchange of those employee’s health. Facing criticism to Huawei’s HR policy, a lead on Tianya supports Huawei. “As a new employee in Huawei this year, he believes that Huawei does a good job both in salary standard, social guarantee, and transparency of organization. He suggests all new employees in Huawei shouldn’t eye too high, but need to do more solid jobs.”
There are also criticisms on service providers. On Tencent, a so-called Tietong (China Railcom) employee wrote that a inside document of China Mobile shows that they will only finish the merge with Tietong if case of Tietong can earn money. According to government’s policy, China Mobile should merged with Tietong. This was thought a good thing for many employees of the struggled fixed line carrier of the former China Rail ministry. A blog on Sina also criticized China Mobile by misleading subscribers. According to the blog, the 400 “free” consulting service of China Mobile is not free, China Mobile will charge users every time they use it. The free service is only for the consultant service, not for the basic calling charge. The author thinks that it is a misleading behavior, China Mobile must apologize to their users.

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