Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Chinese talk in Telecom BBS: Huawei's crisis

5/13/2010, Huawei and ZTE are always the center of many leads on telecom BBS in China. According to NETEASE,Huawei faced spy gate scandal in Egypt. It was said that a Huawei employee stole NSN's bid information in Egypt and then Egypt Telecom banned to purchase all Huawei's equipments. In order to recover customer's confidence, Huawei has replaced all Egypt team. The company didn't authorize this rumor.

On Tianya, there is a lead named "The growth road for neophytes in Huawei in the first 4 years". According to the lead, the 3rd year is a key to decide if this neophyte can have future in Huawei. Some followers think the analyse in this lead is reasonable. Some said that even a Huawei's employee can't afford the high price of house of today's China.

On C114, a self-claimed Huawei employee summarized 3 big crisis of Huawei. The 1st, Many managing problems include process support, product quality, service ability, will erupt after developing speed slows down. The 2nd, internal power struggle will become more serious in the future. These struggle includes between employees and company, between new employees and old employees, between employees and managers etc. The last, the problem of pending successor of Huawei. The author pointed out that all these 3 crises will lead to out of control of management, decrease of innovation ability, lost of talented employees etc.

About ZTE, there is also a lead on Tianya, "The internationalization of ZTE,a Waterloo after spring chill”. The author also claimed himself a ZTE employee. From his analyses, ZTE faces many problems like slow market feedback, shortage of strategy, unstable employee team, possible corruption etc. The author hopes ZTE can be healthy into her 30 years.

There are also some leads about China's carriers. On Tencent, a netizen wrote: "The national working models of China Mobile are humiliating 400K her workers." The reason of the anger of this author comes from that none of all those 13 working models of China Mobile is a common worker.

On C114, a netizen criticized carriers' broadband propaganda. According to some news report, Guangdong Telecom will upgrade all residential broadband bandwidth from 2Mbps to 4Mbps from May 17, the International Telecom day. The netizens on C114 don't believe carriers' claim. some netizens said their so called 2M bandwidth is less than 1Mbps in fact.

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