Thursday, May 27, 2010


5/25/2010, A POF forum organized by a state-hold telecom media was held in Beijing yesterday.Hundrads of represents from POF related products manufactures, service providers,universities and research institutes attended the forum.

Two things from this forum should be noticed. The first is that the forum showed that China already has a integrated POF industry. About 6 or 7 years ago, China only had several POF fiber manufactures. But today, there are more POF fiber suppliers, China has her own POF manufacturing technology, there are more POF related components and equipments manufactures. A Xi'an company showed her full line 650nm POF transmisstion system on the forum. The POF manufacture, Dasheng also has her own POF LAN solution which was deployed in several trial networks.

The other important thing from this forum is that China's service providers began to recognize this technology, although they think that it is still not mature. Both China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile have repesentives in the forum. Although they showed some interests on POF, but we can also see that they know little about this technology. They have no interest to deploy POF in the short future.

Somebody suggested that government should take the responsibility on deploying more POF trial networks, government should promote the standard making on POF. Of course, it is a very good suggestion, and the only possible solution that POF can have a good future in China. Repensitive from China Telecom has explained clearly on the forum, "They can not deploy POF while losing money. "

In China's telecom industry, government once interfered in the promotion of TD-SCDMA standard, and really got very good achivements. But TD-SCDMA is developed by some state hold big companies. In POF field, none of the players has government background. POF is not TD-SCDMA, we still can not see a clear future on China's POF market.

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