Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anti dumping, Huawei in Russia

July 8,2010, The anti-dumping investigation by EU on Huawei/ZTE's data card aroused many discussions in telecom BBS of China. On C114, somebody said that Option is jealous; somebody said that is trade protectionism; somebody suggested Huawei and ZTE should make some adjustments; A netizen gave his analysis. Huawei's data card is good on both quality and customized function. Even as Option's largest shareholder, T-mobile also purchased these cards from Huawei. Option once suggested Huawei to share the Europe market, but was denied by Huawei.
The EU recently began the investigation into the import of Chinese-made modems, a market worth more than US$4 billion, based on a grievance filed by Belgium-based Option. In the European market, Option, Sierra Wireless and Novatel Wireless had been the top suppliers of wireless data cards until Huawei and ZTE won orders increasingly more orders from the main mobile telecom carriers, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Telefonica and O2, according to China-based media 21st Century Business Herald. Huawei and ZTE are estimated to have attained a combined share of 70-80% of the European 3G data card market, the sources noted.

There is no all good comments for Huawei. On Sohu, an author described Huawei Russia branch's status quo in a satirical tone. “Some managers are busy to have 2nd and 3rd child, some are busy on changing wife. Others are busy on improving personal life quality, having personal secretary, luxury car. There is also inside struggle in this brunch, the duplicate position let many employees not want to work. There is still half market waited to be developed, but nobody has interest on that.” Some responses to this article are interesting. Somebody said that "Big company always has this kind of things. " Another one said that maybe caused by Russia's special culture.

Forget Huawei, let us look at China Telecom. On Neteasy, a self claimed China Telecom employee gave his detailed salary information. According to him, as an usual employee in China telecom, his earning every year is between 60K Yuan to 75K Yuan (8K-10K USD). This number is a very good number in today's China. But some netizens doubt if he can earn so much. They said that China Telecom's employee can only earn 30K to 50K Yuan every year.

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