Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interview: Dolite aims brand image increasing

July 27,2010, After nearly 8 years operating, Dolite changed her Chinese name this month. The old name has the city name Zhangjiagang, but the new name has the province name Jiangsu. According to Mr. Wang,xuan, CEO of Dolite, the name change is a try to break up developing limit, to increase brand image and influence on the market.

Focusing on transceiver and active assembly products, Dolite was founded in November of 2002, just in the difficult times of total optical component industry. It is a surprise to see that Dolite can survive in the cruel competition of those years. But in the past 8 years, the low profile Dolite seldom gave us any other surprises. Not many people know this transceiver company located in Zhangjianggang, a small city near Suzhou.

"The name change is the result of our new strategy on stepped-up transformation and innovation. With the continuous improvement of our managing system, R&D resource, risk-preventing ability, the name change will definitely increase our core competence. “Said Mr. Wang,xuan.

Up to today, Dolite's product line includes TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, TROSA assembly, low speed 1x9, SFF, SFP transceiver. Their next target is 10G transceiver and PON transceiver. Dolite develops their own measuring lab, reliability test facility inside company, they also cooperated with Xi'an telecommunication university’s optical communication team. "We already have some market share, now we want to carry on some vertical integration, develop more new products, based on our current market share. At the same time, we would like to cooperate with customers, other transceiver companies to develop new market. " States by Mr. Wang Xuan.

According to Mr. Wang Xuan, Dolite's target is to make Dolite the first class fiber optics component supplier around the world. "We have a very good team, both on managing and on R&D. This gives us confidence to fulfill this aim. "Wang Xuan told us.

Dolite now has a capability to produce 500K OSA assembly and 100K transceiver, with a revenue 80 million Yuan each year.

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