Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Huawei's Ren appears on TV

July 22,2010, The always low-profile founder and boss of Huawei, Mr. Ren,zhengfei appears on TV, this is the topic of a blog article on Netease. According to the author, Ren appeared in a CCTV(China central TV) news about the round table meeting of China's Premier minister Wen,jiabao, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is visiting Xi'an China, and entrepreneurs from both countries. The blog writter described Ren very unaccustomed through the lens of news reporters. Not like others who are busy on writing notes or listening carefully, Ren sat there cross-legged absent-mindedly.

About the deal between Nokia Siemens and Motorola, there are also many discussions. A blog on Netease compared Motorola with Nortel and predicted that Motorola must have another sell in the future. Another blog on Sina praised Motorola to make a good choice. Surrounded by competitors, Motorola can't succeed on both LTE and WiMAX. On the contrary, mobile device business has much bigger market for Motorola. For Nokia Siemens, a blog on Sohu judges that Motorola wireless network business another burden of Nokia Siemens. Some people also connect the recent Motorola suit with Huawei with the Nokia Siemens deal. They think that to keep patent asset in Motorola is just for this suit. It is Nokia Siemens's strategy that to delay Huawei's advancement in North America.

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