Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dimension:a fiber interferometer manufacturer's ideal

July 8,2010, Shenzhen, There are not many fiber optics instrument manufacturers in mainland China, Dimension(www.weidujs.com/en) is one of them.

Founded in May of 2007 in Shenzhen, Dimension offers a wide category of fiber optic products includes Sana fiber end face interferometer, Easyget Fiber enface inspector, Offsoon Fiber Cleaning machine and cleaning gun, 106 & 206 Fiber fault locator. The appearance of Dimension covers a long neglected area in China's fiber optics industry.

"Although our company is not big, we have some technology even advanced around the world." Miss Yan of Dimension told us during a recent customer visit. "All our products are developed by ourselves, we have several patens on fiber end face interferometers. Our manual adjusted end face interferometer is the first in mainland China with very high stability and repeating performance." Miss Yan continued.

According to Yan, Dimension's advantage is her very high performance-price ratio which is incomparable for their foreign competitors. Beside that, the technology support is also their main advantage. "The key of interferometer is its software system, the test, upgrade and maintain of the software are very important. With a national wide technology support network, Dimension can provide their customers fastest support. "

Talking about Dimension's mission, Miss Yan told us:"We are not a company for those kind of quick money. Fiber interferometer is a long live product, Dimension also want to be a long live company. Up to now, we have Sunstar, Yiyuantong, HG Genune etc. many famous fiber optics companies as our customers. In Shenzhen market, we have more than 80% market share, our products also entered Japan and US, Europe market through our distributors. "

On Dimension's website, the company listed a series of new products they developed in the past. Not many Chinese companies can have such an achievement. In this year's CIOE, Dimension will announce several other new products.

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